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minimum ceiling heights


Building Code Ceiling Heights

 The ceiling height must not be less than 2.4 m in a habitable room not including a kitchen.

In a kitchen, laundry, corridor or passageway it should not be less than 2.1 m

Building costs per square metre


 The variation in square-metre building costs is huge. However, there is plenty of data available to help you form a rough idea of the costs per square metre when building a house. The table below contains data from Rider Levett Bucknall’s Riders Digest 2019 Melbourne, Australia Edition. It shows the range of per-square-metre building costs for custom-built residential homes across Australia’s major capital cities.

Best exterior Cladding


Cladding is the outside layer of your home's exterior design that protects you from the elements. It is vital that you get this right so you can ensure you get the look you want. Cladding is one of the most visual design features that will have an impact on your home. Depending on your budget the cladding you choose will have an end effect on the cost and value of your property.

Exempt from Building and Development approvals in ACT


There are two types of approvals for new development—development approval and building approval.

For some houses and projects you don’t need to lodge an application for development approval if certain requirements are met.

However, while your development may be exempt from needing development approval it may need building approval or approval from the Transport Canberra and City Services.

The requirements for exemptions vary according to the type of project. A complete list of developments that are exempt from development approval and the relevant criteria and 

Environmental sustainability saving energy


Energy efficiency is about saving energy, reducing your bills and making your home more comfortable. Energy efficient heating, cooling, hot water systems, lighting and appliances will save power and reduce your energy bills.

Different types of roof coverings


The market offers an extensive range of roofing materials. You need to decide based on your tastes and the material that suits best, taking into account the durability and your budget. You should also consider the roof’s colour, suitability, availability, and if it’s fit for the structure your planning to build.

Have a look at the popular roof materials used in Australia?

Check out the link to see what is best for your construction project.