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Jean-Claude Branch (Developer)

I have found Anthony to be professional in every aspect of his work. He is punctual, diligent and excels in his job. He is excellent at both following up on problems when they occur with sub contractors and ensuring they do not occur in the first place.

I heartily recommend Anthony for any building works. He also ensures the product is both economical and built with quality to the benefit of the client. An excellent combination that is rare and prized in the building trade.

Andrew Tzannes (Smith & Tzannes Architects)

The works commenced in February 2010 and was completed in 6 months with a construction cost of approximately $900000.00 under a cost plus contract.

Anthony delivered a project of exceptionally high quality in the specified time frame on budget.

We were particularly impressed with Anthony's ability to understand the architectural content of the project which involved complex detailing and provide practical, cost-effective solutions.

Anthony is an extremely hard worker who displayed effective communication skills through out the course of the project. This ensured there were reasonable time frames to finalise design solutions without delaying the critical path.

The most pleasing aspect of the project is the final product, which is of an exceptional quality. This is testament to Anthony's skill and commitment. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Dexter DunphyAM (Emeritus Professor, School of Management, University of Technology Sydney.)

I am very happy to recommend Anthony Joseph for building work. Over the last seven months, he has carried out a major house renovation at 49 Mill Hill RoadBondi Junction to an extremely high standard. I bought this terrace house in a very dilapidated state and when acquired it included substantial illegal additions. As a result, a significant proportion of the house had to be demolished, including major walls and stairs, and rebuilt. The renovation was designed by an architect with very exacting standards and plans demanding millimetres of tolerances. Anthony had the determination, commitment and skills needed to ensure that these standards were met.

I found Anthony unfailingly helpful, conscientious and consistently hard working. He turned up early every day to ensure that demolition and construction work started on time. He handled the subcontractors with respect and at the same time demanded high levels of performance from them. He himself consistently arrived early and worked late, undertaking a variety of tasks himself and deploying tradesman efficiently. He liaised with me, the architect and contractors to achieve the required high standard of work on a cooperative worksite. He was aware of the budget and kept to it. With an old house (built 1888) demolition uncovers many unexpected surprises and demands ongoing design modifications. Anthony handled all of this with good humour and was able to respond flexibly to the changes.

The architect used an internet based project system through which decisions made at site meetings were recorded and, where necessary, changes to the plans were also recorded and further detailed design or redesigns made available. Anthony worked well to this system. Undertaking a major renovation is always a time consuming process for the owner and often a source of major stress, particularly if there is conflict with the builder or architect (or both). In this case there were no conflicts. As the build proceeded, any emerging problems were quickly identified and solutions discussed and amicably agreed. As a result there were no disruptions and work on the site proceeded steadily without delays.

The result has been a modern home that meets all our high expectations for quality of finish. Our neighbours were surprised at the speed with which the project was completed and impressed by the way in which they were kept informed of progress and alerted to any events that might inconvenience them. They were also delighted at the contribution that the refurbished house made to the streetscape. We were so proud of the finished home that we invited the neighbours in and around the site to a celebration party so that they could see the finished product. About 60 people turned up and were visibly impressed by the quality of the design and the high standard of workmanship.

The home was built for rental and was rented at the asking rate within one week of being placed on the rental market. The professional couple who rented the home are delighted to be living in it.

I cannot speak too highly of Anthony's commitment to the project, his command of a wide variety of skills and his ability to manage an efficient and effective building project involving the coordination of many tradespeople.